Enovvia Moisturizer

We've infused 3 active ingredients in our newest moisturizer:


Tocopherol is proven to fight skin damage and revitalize your skin's natural protective properties. Tocopherol is also a potent anti-oxidant that scavenges and neutralizes free-radicals. If left unchecked, free-radicals can permanently damage your skin, causing an increased appearance of fine-lines and wrinkles.


Squalane is a unique ingredient that enhances softness, smoothness and deep moisture due to its ability to absorb into the skin at a fast rate.  Squalane is available from several sources, but 100% pure olive-derived squalane is the most friendly to the skin. We only use the purest cold-pressed olive squalane. Our squalane is extracted using natural processes, without the use of harsh chemicals.


Essential botanical extracts are vital towards enhancing and restoring healthy skin function. They help to provide proper balance to your skin's natural processes. Extracts such as aloe vera, cucumber fruit, apple fruit, chamomile flower and lavender flower deliver powerful restorative properties. Our proprietary formula contains no less than 12 botanical extracts to help rejuvenate skin.

Why does moisture really matter?

As the skin's age increases, the sebum (natural coating produced by the skin), tends to break down and stop working towards protecting the skin and maintaining a proper level of moisture.

When your skin's moisture decreases, so does that plump, full elasticity. By using the wrong products, it can cause more imbalance and create a roadblock in collagen production. Collagen is essential for elasticity and supple, smooth skin...and guess what? Deep skin moisturization is critical.

Don't let collagen breakdown take control...

Top Factors That Reduce Skin Moisture

Age is a major factor in reduced skin moisture. As aging progresses, the skin's natural processes break down.

Exposure to sunlight introduces free-radicals that can cause permanent damage to the skin.

Lifestyle factors, like smoking, or a diet high in caffeine, alcohol or sugar can dehydrate skin faster than it can replenish.

It's important to use a moisturizer that not only supports, but rejuvenates the skin’s natural moisturizing process.

We've got you covered! Our top-rated moisturizer is perfectly simple and effective.


  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Softens wrinkles
  • Calms complexion
  • De-stresses skin
  • Restores balance
  • Revitalizes damaged skin

Elevate your skin care to the next level. Your new moisturizer is ready to ship now!

Enovvia moisturizer for maximum skin hydration.


Get fantastic results:

  • Deeply moisturizes dry or sensitive skin
  • Reduces progression of fine-lines
  • Enhances natural collagen production
  • Promotes a softer-looking complexion
  • Protects skin with vital anti-oxidants
  • Enriches skin with natural extracts


Naturally-sourced lipids to hold in critical moisture. 

PH balanced formula. 

Botanical extracts provide essential nutrients. 

Calms sensitive skin for an improved complexion. 

Unscented, 100% free from parabens, fragrances & sulfates. 

Our products are never tested on animals. 


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Ours has a higher rating than many big-brand moisturizers.

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We give you more, at least 2X the size of many other brands.

Once I tried it, I just had to let my clients know. I believe in sharing my experience with great products.

Brooke Livingston, Makeup Artist & Model

What are customers saying? 

 I love it - very smooth and easy to apply, not greasy at all. I can feel the effects right away as the skin relaxes and hydrates. 

RJA Boston

 I have tried many moisturizers over the years and this one is by far the best. My skin is sensitive/dry and the lightweight texture is just perfect. 


 This moisturizer is great. Very little smell (which I prefer). I have purchased other Enovvia products and I have been happy with each and every one. 


 It is so smooth and light, easy to apply, no heavy oily feel at all. I highly recommend this product. 

Anonymous Reviewer

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