Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Cosmetics With Perfumes Or Fragrances

Top 5 Reasons To Avoid Products With Perfumes Or Fragrances - Enovvia

Show me any cosmetics aisle, and I’ll show you a place where 3,100 different chemicals may be found.

Peek at your bathroom shelf, and you’ll discover chemically created fragrances that cause allergies and irritations. Sounds scary, right? Before you use another cosmetics product, read on and re-think what exactly added perfumes or fragrances really mean.

1. Achoo! Chemically-created fragrances induce allergies and itchy skin

The fragrances in our cosmetics are scientifically linked to allergies, as well as dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). While these chemically created fragrances provide only for irritated, red raw skin, natural essential oils are the stark opposite, and are known for their anti-aging qualities, as well as for toning and healing skin. All of this, and we’ve not even moved on to how amazing natural essential oils smell.

2. Phthalates - Which should be branded as 'Eau de Toxicity'

Phthalates is a chemical compound that is used as a lubricant in fragranced products (in everything from your shampoo to your perfume). The terrifying truth about Phthalates is that it has been linked to many detrimental impacts to our health, with various studies finding:

  • Fetal abnormalities (such as abnormal sexual development)
  • Birth defects
  • Premature breast development in young girls
  • Insulin resistance
  • Increased average waist circumference 

Even scarier is the fact that phthalates are hardly ever listed on product packaging and almost every product that features the words ‘fragrance’ or ‘parfum’ has phthalates contained within it. To be absolutely sure you’re not unwittingly using something that contains this chemical, you need to search out products that are labelled as “scented with 100% natural essential oil”.

3. Shhhhhhh! Manufacturers can keep the chemicals in their fragrances secret

Cosmetic companies love to create a marketing message that makes their scent smell so lovely, so alluring – but in actuality, there are more than 3100 chemicals in the fragrance realm that must be picked, chosen and mixed to create that single smell. 

So, just what have ruling governments got to say about this? Well, not a lot it seems. In fact, a recent study found that 14 potentially toxic chemicals used to create a fragrance don’t even have to be listed on a product’s ingredients. What’s more, others can be hidden as the blend then becomes a “trade secret”. Yup... that’s right. Governments actively protect manufacturers and the potential chemical cocktails they create. How reassuring.

4. Second hand fragrance exposure – (don’t) pass it on

Second hand fragrance exposure is ‘a thing’ – you may immediately think of second-hand smoke, which is absolutely relevant, as many chemicals found in the perfume and fragrances of cosmetics products are the same as those found in cigarette smoke.

A perfect example of which is synthetic musk (a toxic, man-made chemical); which can be discovered in scented soap, body wash, sprays, lotions and hair products. This scent has been linked with: endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity, reproductive toxicity and bioaccumulation. Which, when compared to the wondrous health benefits of essential oils, is enough to make you clear out your existing cosmetics collection and start afresh!

5. Natural essential oils just smell better

Natural essential oils provide a beautifully fragrant opposite to added perfumes and fragrances; what’s more, they are also easily absorbed into the skin, moisturising it in the process, and ensuring that the scent lasts a whole lot longer than the toxic alternative.

Not only this, but essential oils are also used in natural therapy, a.k.a. aroma therapy, with different oils chosen for their calming, energy-enhancing, relaxing or mood-lifting qualities.

Finally, natural oils are never tested on animals (as opposed to the perfumes and fragrances that are concocted in a lab somewhere).

Replace any products you have that contain perfumes or fragrances.

I hope you feel better informed and can make a safer choice when buying beauty products. You're on your way to a lifestyle of reducing exposure to toxic chemicals, one day at a time!

If you are looking for a good match when upgrading your beauty essentials, I've tried Enovvia products and can vouch for them. Fortunately, they use natural essential oils for the smell, and they do smell great. Their website is here: Enovvia Natural Products.

Thanks for reading! 😊 -Melinda C.